Westwood Badminton Club – About us

Westwood Badminton Club is a friendly, informal “Pay As You Play” club, for players of an Intermediate standard. There are no membership fees – you simply pay £5 per session.

We play badminton at Sutton High School for Girls from 19:00 to 21.00 p.m. on Tuesdays. Typically about 15 to 20 play each week. Note we are currently restricting numbers and there is a pre-booking system in place.

We welcome anyone and everyone, but we do ask that you are not an outright beginner and that you bring your own racquet. We play with plastic shuttles and all games are played as doubles matches.

Always drop us an email before coming down as there are a couple of Tuesdays in the year when the sports hall is unavailable. westwoodbadminton@virginmedia.com or, call 07901 767666 preferably outside normal working hours.

We also typically have a calendar of social events during the year. Of course since the advent of Covid 19 such events have not been possible, so watch this space.